Lafayette Ballet Company is a small pre-professional group of committed young dancers. We concentrate on teamwork, performance integrity, and enhancing classroom skills with challenging new works, traditional repertoire and pieces tailored to showcase the talents of our current dancers. For 30 years pre-pandemic we have presented an annual full length Nutcracker. The future is uncertain in the arts. Fewer people are willing to commit to the schedule of training and involvement. We nurture the talents and aspirations of those who do. Lafayette Ballet is a registered Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 organization in the State of Indiana. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.
If you are interested and able, please donate here.
Please feel free to reserve and to come to our open SPRING Performance: CHIRCHANKA. MAY 22 and MAY 23,  2024 at the Ballroom - 226 N. 6th Street. 7:30PM. This is a performance of TWO works - very different in presentation and intent.     Reservations for limited seating is available. EMAIL RESERVATION


THE FROG PRINCE (25 minutes) - The Updated Fairy Tale. Yes, we have a frog who has visions of marrying his princess. But we also have a very opinionated Princess, a frustrated fairy who is attempting to make everything right, and a group of busy-body young ladies on a picnic who help mold a green, slimy frog into a dream partner. Bring along the rest of the fairies, and some very hungry dragonflies and blue beetles, and you have an enchanted tale with a little reality check.

MUSIC BY RICK SOWASH - A PREMIERE OF HIS FROG PRINCE! It is not everyday that a composer offers a new piece for a choreographer, and we are absolutely thrilled and honored to do justice to both Mr. Sowash's talents and his sense of humor!

THE BALLET is presented with the participation of the classes of Lafayette Ballet School.


CHIRCHANKA. (25 minutes)
An announcement of the serious nature of our second ballet. If you have very sensitive young children_ please be aware that this is not a happily ever after story. There is no violence depicted but it does pay tribute to a fragile situation - the preservation of the Ukraine.

Ballet is an art form, and as an art form it needs to present material and emotional issues which invite the veiwers to a new perspective. The Ukraine has been under a war situation for over two years, and although there are pockets of normality; the culture, the life, and the heartbeat of this country have been severely tried. This ballet honors the beautiful traditions of this traditionally agrarian culture. Chirchanka is the name of a stream, the memory of which keeps alive the beauty of the homeland in a traditional song. Music and dances are from traditional sources and strive to honor the beauty of this culture, and its contributions to a great deal in our dance culture.

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We hope to see you at the performance, and that you keep this May night for the celebration of our talented dancers and the mission that they share of beauty, humor, musicality and integrity .

A word about downtown parking. There is actually a fair amount of parking downtown, but the most obvious spots close to 226 N 6th Street are often taken in the evening for restaurants, theatre events, and residents. Please check the map and locate some reasonable places so you don't get caught driving in circles and arrive late.