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Lafayette Ballet School was opened in 1988 by Director, Sandra Peticolas. The school maintains a base of classical ballet to train the students. Supplementary classes in character and pointe, variations, contemporary, and conditioning are introduced as appropriate to round out the classical training and the future repertory of the young dancers. The specific coordination and maturity needed in ballet are not easily taught to very young children. A focussed instruction begins as accessed at age 6 or 7 depending with the individual student with Dance Basics. These are joyous years of imagination, rhythm, energy and learned self awareness, but within a structure inherent to the discipline of ballet. Therefore along with the physical training of the body comes the need to wait, listen, apply, and repeat .

Dance Basics

For six and seven year olds. Increased attention and cognitive abilities, joined with better spacial awareness is the key to developing a technique in ballet. Even at this young age, repetition and perfection are introduced to mold the joyful movement into distinct shapes which we recognize as the building blocks of all classical dance. This Fall 2021 Semester there is NO DANCE BASICS offered. 

Fundamentals of Ballet 1 and 2

For 7 - 9 year olds. Placement depends on experience level, ability to conform to the structure of the class, and increased physical strength. Dance is training in an athletic building process. This is the realization that anything done well takes concentration. Basic ballet vocabulary and the concept of hip rotation is introduced along with the skips, hops and jumps of the earlier years.

Beginning Levels 1,2,3

This is when the true training begins. Beginning 1 and 2 require two ninety minute classes per week. Beginning 3 requires three. This repetition and immersion in the basis of the ballet technique is essential for all further advancement and the confidence of the well-trained dancer. There are no short-cuts, and it becomes apparent that WORK is required to suceed.


Elementary Levels are the building blocks for serious dancers. These dancers commit to at least 4 technique classes weekly. Most are involved throughout the Nutcracker season with rehearals and some are invited to join the company as apprentices. Pointe is introduced at the Elementary 1 level.This is a difficult age to make important commitments, and choices, but progress will not happen without a focused application.


Intermediate/Advanced Levels are the ongoing challenge for serious dancers. These dancers commit to daily classes and often take supplementary classes at a lower level. Most are company members or apprentices. Pointework, contemporary, repertory and constant evaluation are a part of training. Artistic skills are emphasized through rehearsals and then the joy and tension of performance. Life is dance, and dance is life.

Classes can be observed upon request by visitors and prospective students. Parents are encouraged to observe from the windows or outside the classroom as they are able. An understanding of the rigorous demands of the training will help parents to better encourage their children.