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Life is not as before. We in the ballet world are especially cognizant because our art is a transmission of discipline and passion. It is difficult to transmit at a distance.

However, the fall of 2020 is going to be even more stressful and insecure than the spring. Many of you will be sending children back into the public school system. Many others will continue schooling from home or online.

We will use EXTREME caution in our semester plans. This is not a punishment. This is common sense. We do not know what the health effects of this virus will be in 1 year, 2 years or in 10 years time. Our healthy dancer bodies are more important than any social gathering, or personal satisfaction of dancing in a studio again.

1. All classes for Dance Basics, Fundamentals of Ballet, and Beginning Ballet 1,2, and 3 and adult dancers will remain ONLINE. We will get that information to you as soon as possible, with registration online, payment online. We will not be introducing a new CREATIVE DANCE class for 5 year olds this fall.

We are looking at Tuesdays and Thursdays for this format and we will issue a precise timeline shortly. You will have less choice of times and schedules. Some of you will choose NOT to return, because your student does not feel stimulated by the format. We are sorry.

We do not have the resources at this time to offer a face-to-face studio instruction safely.

2. ALL Upper level students (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced will also remain ONLINE. These will be Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Hopefully as the covid case numbers diminish, a small number (under 10 senior dancers) may be invited to participate in class in a well-distanced space in the 226 Ballroom wearing masks. The remainder of the upper school will continue ONLINE. Those who may be eligible will be notified as the possibility unfolds. All registration and payments can be made online.

3. Classes will not resume until September. This will give families the time to balance the stresses of the face-to-face academic schedules. We will finish the semester in December. We will not be able to have a Nutcracker performance run this year. But we will bring some of that music and movement into our classes for the students to maintain the magical connection to our tradition of the Nutcracker.

4. We hope that some of you continue to find an artistic and motivational outlet in ballet. The ballet training has long-reaching benefits to health, self-motivation, long-term planning, and time resource management. And it is beautiful. We all need some beauty in our lives.

5. For those of you who have continued with the online classes throughout the spring, and even into the summer months, I thank you for your flexibility, your enthusiasm, and your support. I have seen the positive results of those smiling faces and waving hands at the beginning and end of each zoom session, and the diligent work during the session. I have watched the joy of discovery as we worked with images and music in the summer workshop. And I have seen some concrete progress as to the ballet technique itself. For those of you who dropped out because of internet difficulties with the online transmission - I am very sorry. I can only say that all of us will be dependent on the online process for the near future, and that an investment in the best connections you can obtain are a worthwhile step.

A word about our tuition. It is very much reduced. This would be the time to indulge your dancer with a barre, and perhaps some dance vinyl for a good surface, and a place to develop his or her technique and concentration. We have tried to make it worthwhile to continue.

Please email me at lafayetteballetschool@gmail with your questions and concerns. We hope that you stay safe and enjoy the month of July with your family. And that you continue to look forward to a future where the respect for one another becomes our motivation for joy, and not resentment.

My very best to you all. And thank you for your interest and love to Lafayette Ballet and its ballet family.

Sandra Peticolas, Director
July 8, 2020.

A video to celebrate our continuing work, even in pause. THE WAY OF THE FOX

Thank you. Sandra Peticolas, Director