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Bon courage!

As the month clicks toward February, and we watch the snow and the limitations of Covid-19 curtail our desires, I am reminded of the true lesson of ballet training: patience, and the living of a long-term goal.

There is a great deal of anxiety among our young people. It mirrors what we all feel: insecurity for the future, a deflation of energy and ambition, and a realization of the personal wishes having to move aside for the common good.

There is a great deal of debate as to what constitutes the common good. Our local and state government has opened up restrictions after 14 days of lower Covid positive numbers. That sounds encouraging, but as a teacher of ballet, I hate to see things opened that could easily close, and things offered which might quickly be withdrawn.

Therefore, LBS will continue its online presence for instruction, and its commitment to each dancer and their individual needs.

As convenient as it is to have a class streamed into your own home, it is the level of acceptance and utilization of that information that makes the difference to the results of the ballet teaching. We are seeing a great rise in individual motivation and application of corrections for the students. Simultaneosly we are seeing a reluctance to move about in space that makes dance difficult.

Please encourage your dancers to cavort with abandon through the house, around the dining table, up the stairs, in the driveway and in the hallway. They need to rediscover their wings, their breath, their joy in movement. We deal neccessarity with the details in our minimized Zoom format, and those details are one piece. Now we need to trust our families for the other piece.

We are far from safety at this point. My thanks for those of you who have stuck with us for the past year, in very trying circumstances. I know how difficult it is for the dancers, for the families, for the motivation, for the energy, and for the general happiness.

Your dancers are getting very good at sharing online. They are brave and attentive and effective. These are amazing skills. Help them recognize these skills as something gained. We have all lost some things. But we have also gained.

Bravo to you all.

Sandra Peticolas, January 31, 2021.

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Thank you. Sandra Peticolas, Director