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We have had a very rugged, but successful semester with the faithful students of Lafayette Ballet School. There is a vibrant and energetic group of Beginning students who will continue twice weekly in the Main Street Studios as well as the Fundamentals group one time per week. Our Elementary dancers are discovering what hard work feels like, and our most senior dancers continue to serve as outstanding role models in time-management, consistent training, and dedicated application to performance ideals.

We will continue the protocols as far as distancing and personal protection and sanitization. We will not have the open waiting area in either building. Therefore we are opening classes to only the Fundamentals Ballet level and up - AGE 7 and capable of functioning in a class without parents present. Those dancers must arrive masked and dressed in their ballet uniform under outerwear, be capable of preparing for class and putting on shoes, as well as making any requests for restroom facilities all on their own. We will not open the doors until 10 minutes before the class, and dancers must be picked up 10 minutes after the finish of classes. No more waiting for half an hour on the bench inside the door, or standing on the street. If there is a problem with the scheduling of rides and pickups, it would be better to wait for another semester.

For dancers attending the session, a water bottle, a well fitted mask, and a mobile phone text contact for us would be essential. Uniforms will again be available at the Enchanted Pointe. Now that the weather is worsening, we suggest a warm-up jacket or sweater included in the classwear. We do our best to combat the temperature changes, but sometimes it is not balmy in winter in any of the studios until the the student energy steams it up!

The joy of sharing the training and the comraderie has been amazing. It has also been shocking to discover how fast even nimble young bodies lose their tone, and it has been a bit of a trial to try to bring back some semblance of physical steadiness and strength. We ask you to keep up the attendance and the energy as much as possible, because that is what leads to the ability to communicate and move with confidence.

We understand that most students will be in a full academic school day. That brings fatigue and worries of its own. So please do not overschedule your dancer with swim lessons, or soccor practice packed back to back with a ballet session. Ballet is a physically demanding and mentally concentrated experience, and the ability to improve hinges on a very attentive student, as well as a student willing to make that extra stretch of possibility and effort.

We look forward to a wondeful Winter/Spring session. We will have a long March break to accommodate all three of the local school corporation calendar breaks, and your own family getaways. We will discuss performance opportunities and options as the semster progresses, depending on the situation of the virus as the winter continues.

Thank you for your continued love of dance, for your patience, for your support of your dancer in the demands to schedule rides, keep spirits lifted, and monitor any possible health concerns immediately. It has been a pleasure to work with each and every one of our families, no matter how little we get to chat in person. It is you that makes the continuation of our ballet journey possible. Thank you, and enjoy a healthy and fruitful 2022.
Bravo to you all.

Sandra Peticolas, Nov. 12, 2021.

A video to celebrate our continuing work, even in pause. THE WAY OF THE FOX

Thank you. Sandra Peticolas, Director