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approaching spring and summer

Dear Students and Parents.

What a lovely few months we have had and what improvements and enlightenments have occurred. We will keep the classes as they are for the time being. As rehearsal needs warrent, we will move some classes into the ballroom or Studio D. Check the schedule page: for undated information about class location at any time.   WINTER SPRING SCHEDULE DETAILS

All attention to our spring program: The Frog Prince and Chirchanka. This will occur on May 22 and 23. Rehearsals in the Ballroom for all participants will occur May 20 and 21.  You are not required to buy anything in terms of costuming, but each student IS required to have the LBS uniform leotard, clean pink tights (young ladies) and clean and well fitting ballet shoes. Please address any questions to THE ENCHANTED POINTE AT 226 N 6TH STREET. This is NOT run by Lafayette Ballet. The phone number is ‭(765) 404-8560‬. Beginning students may opt to wear a beige body stocking leotard rather than the purple uniform leotard.

And as we get closer we will be asking for volunteers to help the youngest dancers in their preparations and waiting. They will not have much time offstage, but the nerves and jangles of anticipation cause many questions and needs. So we do appreciate some parental assistance. THE FROG PRINCE is an original ballet with original music by Rick Sowash being kindly offered for our use. What a privilege!! After the conclusion of this ballet we will spend a few minutes recognizing our dancers, and then they will be free to sit with you, their family for the 2nd ballet. email us if you wish to volunteer any of the 4 days. 

A word about this ballet. Entitled CHICHANKA, it is a tribute to the Ukraine: the people, the music, the traditions, and the life-changing tensions and grief that the current war has caused. There is no violence depicted. However if you are uncomfortable for you or your young children viewing this, please feel free to exit at the intermission. We will not be insulted.

For those of you who stay, you will witness the power of art to make a moving presentation and engage the dancers, the public, and the emotions of all in a memorable event. Ballet is an art which is built on the perfection of movements, but those movements can also elicit deep emotions. This is an opportunity to see the scope of what ballet is_ Our dancers have been moved and inspired by the possibilities embedded in the simple repeated movements put to a cause.

Information: Reservations: Links: HERE. You must have a reservation for this performance. We have limited seating capacity and needs to determine our number of guests carefully in the ballroom.

And NOW: Information about our 2 week summer session. We do not have a level available for our 6,7 year old group, but students who have been promoted to the Beginning level as well as all others are welcome. We will do our best to accommodate everyone who has interest and endurance for the program. Newly promoted beginning students should come to the 2 available Thursday Beginning ballet classes on June 6 and 13 rather than enroll for the session. Life will progress at a less confusing speed in those 2 sessions.

email your interest or your questions.

Thank you. Sandra Peticolas, Director