NEWSLETTER Summer/Fall 2024

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plans for the fall of 2024 

Dear Students and Parents.

We have just wrapped up a two week intensive session in which our beginning students litterally took big leaps, and responsibilities. The options for growth are formidable.  

We are sending personal letters to each of our former students to whichever email address was listed on your registration to encourage each and every dancer to the correct level of instruction, the options for growth, and the hope that they may apply to dance from the outset rather than drag around on the soccer field until the soccer season finishes. We live in a sports culture here, but the arts, and especially the dance community is a very healthy atmosphere for positive and personal growth as well as social integration.  There is incredible stability to the fact that dance is not a seasonal sport: it continues to blossom and nurture its participants no matter the season.       

We had a wonderful time presenting the Frog Prince Re-Imagined, and it was a pleasure to get to know all the youngest dancers and share their excitement. 

Fall is a busy time of re-encouragement in many endeavors. For all of you, it is essential that you choose wisely for your time and energies. There is a huge pressure to do extracurricular sports, especially soccer in the fall, and it truly takes away the ability to concentrate on the ballet physicality of building knowledge and strength. To be absent one day per week of 2 or 3 for the first three months is not starting out well.

Classical dance training does not have the same following as competitive dance teams, hip hop or jazz. It is a complete immersion in the control of the body and the beauty of presentation. It draws a different kind of personality, but these like- minded personalities create an ambiance of sharing that will be treasured. So too, will dancers apply the long sighted building of a technique even as they go into other fields in their adulthood.

Please feel free to contact us with your questions and concerns. We do not have a quick-fix, one semester create-a-dancer outlook. We are in it for the long term. The ballet experience is part of what shapes the dreams of a young person. Help make it a positive growth experience for us all.

email your interest or your questions.

Thank you. Sandra Peticolas, Director