Lafayette Ballet Choices 

since 1988

Ballet and More

Ballet is for the engaged student. Young enthusiast, serious dancer , or adult wishing to be inspired with a classic tradition of beauty and well being.

  • Young Dancers Ages 6-8
    Young dancers need the openness to explore movement, but also the structure to allow their body awareness to control their movements. We do both!
  • Elementary School Age Dancers
    In order to progress physically in the training, we ask for a twice weekly class of 90 minutes. This helps establish a basis for understanding the vocabulary and muscle memory as well.
  • Adults and Teens who are looking for inspiration. 
    Adults train alongside our elementary class or if there is experience, in the Elementary classes. A per class payment allows lots of flexibility in scheduling.

Serious Young Dancers    

Ballet opens the door for all sorts of futures.      

Training 4-5 days weekly

Dancers Train in the Elementary/Advanced level with 90 minute to 120 minute sessions devoted to technique, artistry, musicality and expression. 

Participation in Company Performances

Our Ballroom performances invite an enthusiastic audience who appreciates the depth of programming, the application of styles, and the eclectic musical inspiration of both classical and contemporary pieces.

The only way to know is to experience the culture.

We invite you to observe or try a class (on us!). 

A preprofessional training school with options for everyone. 

You can only try. If you never come in, we can never help you to reach your potential.



More Information about class divisions and structure.